Health Science Technology is a two-year program designed to provide knowledge and entry-level skills required for a large number of different medical careers. Students will learn fundamental skills for entering the medical field while exploring many different health careers. Through classroom and lab instruction, students will learn CPR, First Aid, medical terminology, personal care skills, physical therapy skills, medical legalities, nutrition, disease management, anatomy and physiology. Twelve dual credits may be earned in the Health Science program. In the second year, students will prepare for internships in hospitals, nursing homes, and area medical facilities. Students may do clinical in areas such as Emergency room, Intensive Care unit, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Care, Radiology, Cardiology, Wellness and others. Integration of health science courses, work-based learning experiences, and academics allow students to make informed decisions regarding a variety of careers and educational pursuits. Requirements: Passing Exit Exam scores and minimum college placement test scores. An overall average of 80 or higher in HS1 to proceed to HS 2. Prerequisite For Pharmacology:—HS 3, Medical Terminology and 3.0 GPA or higher.