Cosmetology is a two-year program designed to prepare students for passing a licensing examination and become registered cosmetologists. Upon passing the State Board licensing exam for cosmetology and completing the required 1540 classroom hours, students become registered cosmetologists. Students learn the basics of hair, skin, and nails, including scalp and hair treatments, massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, roller placement, and hair-cutting. Training includes personal hygiene, sanitation, bacteriology, professional ethics, shop management, and marketing and sales. In the second year, students will learn finger waves, pin curls, chemical waves, relaxers, hair press, artificial hair, hair coloring and much more and will receive public clients. Students are prepared to work in a salon, spa, or other personal care facility, to open their own business, or to further their education. Completion of the program and passing the exam ensures that the senior student is a registered cosmetologist and recipient of a Cosmetology license while still in high school. New State Board regulations regarding minimum hours and prerequisite grades for program continuation may be implemented this fall. Passing scores on the State Licensing exams required.